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H1N1 Alert

As you will have observed, the number of H1N1 cases and deaths in  various districts of Kerala have shown an upswing  in tandem with the national surge in cases since Jan 2015. Now the monsoon also will be setting in  the State, with related increase in cases, as has been the experienced in the last few years.

Analysis of this year's deaths (including 7 Pregnancy associated out of the total 32 ) have shown a general trend of late start of Oseltamivir. This is in spite of the prevalent ABC guidelines , which mandates early start of Oseltamivir in Cat C and Cat B2 and some of the B1 cases. This indicates either lack of awareness of the ABC guidelines, not having a hard copy with each doctor for reference,  poor compliance with guidelines, not procuring the drug Oseltamivir and stocking it in the  hospitals ( private hospitals and clinics of all sizes have to procure and stock necesssary quantities  just like all other medicines and materials they daily use. This is because Govt of India has  drastically reduced the quantity of Oseltamivir supplied  to the State for free use in Govt Hospitals)

As approximately 60% of public depends on Private Health care sector for their health needs, it is extremely necessary that all doctors in this sector are informed of existing guidelines, and  essential IEC in this matter done.

The role played by yourorganisation in this context in the past years in control of H1N1 is highly appreciated. It is sincerely requested that  you take urgent steps  to ensure the following, so that maximum number of deaths due to H1N1 can be averted-

  1. Make the ABC  guidelines available (hard copy + email+ electronically by  Whatsapp/Facebook)  to each and every  member of your organisation,  The web link- http://www.dhs.kerala.gov.in/index.php/publichealth gives direct access to the guidelines
  2. Ensure compliance with the guidelines
  3. Make sure that stocks of Oseltamivir for recommended use are procured and stocked in all hospitals
  4. Doctors  to consider possibility of H1N1 when seeing patients with co-morbidities , esp pregnancy, and start  Oseltamivir in time if indicated
  5. Information about location and phone no. of nearest Karunya Community Pharmacy medical store to be displayed in all Ops and other patient care areas, (Oseltamivir is available at all KCP outlets for filling individual patient's prescriptions
  6. Health department's Short Febrile illness guidelines  to be  distributed to all doctors
  7. Malayalam Bit notice released by Dept of Health to be  printed on large display board and displayed  for information of all patients

Your organisation's wholehearted cooperation in the above matters  would be of great importance in averting avoidable deaths and morbidity
Expecting  your fullest involvement in this endeavour
Yours Sincerely,
Dr Amar Fettle
SNO --H1N1/Ebola/MERS

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