Quotation for Manikin

Quotation for Manikin 1st October 2012 EMOCALS Training programme

Quotations are invited to reach the undersigned within 15 days for the supply of the following items. Detailed specifications including good quality pictures and categorized price list should be submitted along with quotation for the expert committee to verify and select. Selected items will have to be supplied within 15 days of confirmation of order. Payment will be promptly done after the item is supplied. Period of warranty and replacement conditions should be specified in the quotation. Details of accessories like lubricants, replacement items and their prices should be quoted.

Item 1. CPR Manikin Adult  

CPR torso made of durable polyvinyl plastic identifiable land marks like sternum, with indicator systems to identify correct technique, with replaceable mouth, nose and lung pieces (six each) light weight with carrying case.


Item 2. Airway trainer

Adult trainer model, made of durable polyvinyl plastic, to teach intubation and laryngeal mask airway insertion, with landmarks like uveola and trachea and with facilities to indicate correct procedure, light weight with carrying case.


Item 3. Birthing simulators with articulated fetal model

Suitable to teach normal labour, ventouse and forceps delivery with details and prices of accessories like lubricants/powders with carrying case.


Item 4 New born resuscitation trainer with articulated neck joints, indicator to identify correct technique to teach both face mask and endotracheal ventilation.


Item 5.  Female Pelvis model with various joints and ligaments to teach obstetric and gynae procedures


Item 6. Fetal skull model fullterm and preterm showing sutures and fontanelle


Item 7. Articulated model of fetus

Should be light weight with the various joints articulated so that maneuvers like shoulder dystocia drill can be taught.

The quotation should be in sealed cover . Please submit the quotation to Dr.V P Paily


Address to send the quotation:

Dr.V P Paily

State Coordinator, CHC Obstetric Upgradation Project

Vakkanal, JubileeMissionPO

Thrissur East, Kerala -680 005



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