Aims & Objectives

To plan , coordinate and execute steps to improve maternal and fetal welfare in Kerala .

To monitor the obstetric practice in the state and bring to light unhealthy trends and work for improvement .

To encourage new procedures and research in the field of maternal fetal medicine.

To bring about changes that will positively influence the health of women especially during pregnancy, by starting the efforts during childhood .

To inculcate in the young medical graduates an interest for this fascinating specialty of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, especially maternal fetal medicine .

To help in spreading awareness of health issues among the public, especially related to pregnancy and newborn care .

To work with other agencies, national and international as well as governmental and nongovernmental to achieve the objectives.

Mode of Operation

To achieve the above goals, the following steps may be taken.

Arrange conferences, workshops, and other programmes to update the knowledge and practice of obstetricians. Use the electronic and print media wherever necessary.

Collect data that will help to monitor trends in obstetric practice.

Arrange for confidential review of maternal deaths as an ongoing process and cooperate with other agencies with similar objectives. Disseminate the information so gained for the benefit of the society at large.

Take steps to encourage research and development of new instruments and procedures and encourage scientific and ethical practice of Obstetrics and Newborn care.

Establish units at regional district and society level to achieve the objectives of the MFM committee.

Conduct programmes and do other activities to raise revenue for the committee’s activities.

Publish books, journals, articles in professional and lay media.


The MFM committee will consist of

Exofficio members
KFOG President
KFOG Secretary
Vice Chairperson
Regional Members (Representatives from different societies and clubs)
Other Members nominated by the chairperson.

Maternal Fetal Medicine Committee

The maternal fetal medicine committee started its activities along with the inception of KFOG in 2002. In fact the activities started even earlier by collecting data on maternal deaths in the State in 2001. The MFM committee was constituted in 2002.Confidential review of maternal deaths is the main activity of the committee. To achieve this objective special committees and representatives were formed and details of maternal deaths were collected. The first report relating to 2004 & 2005 will be released by the Hon. Minister for Health and Social Welfare Smt. Sreemathy Teacher at Kozhikode on 14/2/09. (See details on the CRMD pages)


Obstetric management protocols were developed with help from UNICEF. Workshops to disseminate practice of these protocols were organized in each of the districts of Kerala. The chairperson (MFM) Dr.VP Paily attended each of the 14 workshops. In addition to obstetricians, labour room nurses were also invited to these workshops. Staff from both government and private hospitals were invited.

After formation of the Academic committee the responsibility of revising and publishing of the book was handed over to that committee but the chairman (Dr.V P Paily) continued to co-operate in the production of the book.

Vaginal surgery workshops

It has now become a routine to conduct vaginal surgery workshop on the last Sunday of January every year. Mother Hospital and Jubilee Mission Hospital have hosted these workshops. The main purpose was to generate funds for the MFA committee. The other purpose was to popularize cost effective surgeries for pelvic floor defects and improve the surgical skills of young Gynaecologists

Structure of committee

The MFM committee consists of

Chairperson : Dr. V P Paily
Exofficio members    
KFOG President : Dr. N S Sreedevi
KFOG Secretary : Dr. Jayanthi Raghavan   
Vice Chairperson :  Dr. K Ambujam
Secretary :   Dr. Sheela Paily
Treasurer : Dr.Lola Ramachandran
Regional Members (Representatives from different societies and clubs)
Other Members nominated by the chairperson.
Representatives from various districts (see CRMD Report)


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